Safiya Aboaen

I joined this competition because as a young, inspired artist I strive to expand the hair industry by bringing new ideas and bridging different styles and cultures. Additionally, I believe I am an asset because I have great passion and ambition for anything, This has always been a dream and goal of mine. I want to inspire people to chase their dreams through this art.
Renaissance eZone Academy – St. Catharines, Ontario. Canada

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What went into creating the look:

Cut: 1) I started out by sectioning the mohawk, then proceeded to clipper the one side and cut two sections on a 45 degree angle on the opposite side. 2) To create an edgier look for the mohawk I added in some layering techniques. 3)For creativity and to create the unique look of the bangs, I started out the front with four sections. First using normal profile parting. On one half, I used a straight across bold bi-layering technique and on other half kept the bangs short to long also using a crescent shape to add some edge but yet realistic. To finish my look I kept one section of hair separate to create a new look and shadow to connect into the mohawk. Colour: 1) I started out by pre-lightening my entire mannequin until I reached my desired colour. 2) I sectioned my mohawk and coloured it a coppery/orange colour. 3) Then on the side parting for the bottom section, I used a deeper red/Burgundy colour. On the top layer I used bright pink colour. 4) For the Bi- layered bangs I used the same techniques as I did on the side section, (red/burgundy)&(bright pink) 5) For the crescent other half of bangs I added a few small bits of purple highlights to create a nice mixture and balance of colours. 6) Finally, for the last section I used another highlighting technique to incorporate the purple and create a nice connection and flow.

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