Danielle Harris

My name is Danielle, I’m 21yrs old and currently attending Miller Motte Cosmetology school in Clarksville,TN where I will graduate in October,2014. I’m originally from Pensacola,FL and moved to Tennessee with my husband due to his job in the U.S. Army. Words can’t begin to describe my passion and how ecstatic I am to finally take my first step up this long ladder of goals and dreams I have for my career. My main goal being a runway hairstylist! I’m fascinated with everything relating to big hair, vivid colors, unique and outside the box designing ideas! This industry is filled with art and freedom of expression which is something most cant say they get to do on a daily bases and call it a career! That makes me love what I do that much more! There is so much I have yet to learn as a stylist and I can’t wait to absorb as much knowledge as possible through out this journey. As they say, “you never stop learning and furthering your education is a must” and I’m a firm believer! Winning this competition and getting the opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry as well as learning from them would truly be a dream come true! Not to mention the perfect kick off to start my career as a successful stylist!

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What went into creating the look:

To start off this "Girl On Fire" inspired look, I started at a level 6 and then pre-lightened the hair with powder lightener and 30vol developer and allowed to process for 40min which brought me to a level 10. I then made three sun patterned sections, starting with the perimeter section I applied a deep red, mid section I applied orange and finally making it to the crown section of the head I applied a vibrant yellow and allowed to process for 20min. After shampooing, I did an 180 degree haircut allowing the hair to have lots of layers. I then air formed the hair and set the crown section of the hair in rollers to give me height for the flamed effect. Once done I back combed every inch of the hair taking it section by section and molding the hair with spray wax and hairspray up as I went. When I finally got the hair molded exactly where I wanted it in every section and in place I set the style in stone with spritz and used a diffuser.

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