olivia mansfield

Im Olivia Mansfield, im 21 and I attend Carousel Beauty College at the Springfield, OH location. I have been attending here about a year and a half and am so close to graduating. I love hair so much styling, cutting, coloring, I love it all and have ever since I was young. I tried to do other things with my life like studying to be a Dental assistant but I could never get my heart into it. I knew I was a creative person and to be happy I needed to pursue a career where I could unleash my creativity!

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What went into creating the look:

First off I was inspired by the Spring feeling, bright colors and beautiful flowers! To get my bright vivid colors to pop I started off by bleaching my mannequins hair from a level 7 to a level 10. I then chose a 0-89 (violet), 0-77 (copper), and a 0-33 (green/blue). I applied the colors in a strategic placement so they all could flow together and in some places be combined when forming my flowers. After creating the flowers I decided to do a low updo to really let the flowers stand out on their own.

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