Martin Treaster

Hi My name is Martin Treaster I’m an Empire Beauty school of State College. I will be graduating on August 4 2014 and starting my career as a stylist then my own business of Photography – Salon . I am also a freelance photographer that is the main reason i started Beauty School so i could learn to do women’s hair and make-up then take pictures of them. I have a family which includes 4 daughters and a wife with an income of less than 5 grand a year. I am just looking to advance in my career and be successful so i can provide a stable home.

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What went into creating the look:

I started out with a plain mid length hair mannequin. I added 7 clip in extensions varying in colors (pink and purple). After that i sectioned her into four. Starting with the mo hawk with the extension i created a fountain type look with using two hair ties holding the top and at the base of the fountain. The back i pulled up into two creating a pony tail look. I used a small piece of hair two create a reverse pony tail effect . I then proceeded to pull the side through the top loop and left the ends hang down to create the final look. ( I used men's super glue styling gel, spray and play hair spray, some bobby pins, and hair ties).

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