Jessica DeAngelo

When I first attempted to leave my parents home in search of a higher education and a career I attended the Ohio State University with the goal of graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering so I could pursue a career in green energy with a focus on wind power. The farther I got into the program and the more engineers I interviewed it became clear to me that I was not in the right profession to achieve my personal and environmental goals. So I came home from college and spent sometime soul searching. Thanks to my wonderful and patient family I stumbled across Aveda and it has been a perfect fit. Everyday I find deep satisfaction in the art I create and the connections I make. This leads me to why winning a slot in the top six would mean the world to me. I want to make a name for myself in this industry so I can help draw attention to some of our worlds problems with the environment and “ideal beauty” I also believe in social marketing an the more times and ways I can expose myself the better. Lastly I hope that I never stop learning and I feel like winning a place in this competition could open a lot of doors for me to obtain a great and life long education.

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What went into creating the look:

I have always loved the 1920's-30's for the style and flare of this generation that fell on the hardest of times and I have a great passion for fun colors. So a slicked back tightly faded mens cut with horizontal and vertical slices color melded to look like fire seemed to be a perfect mix of these styles. The mankin head started at a level 4. With the exception of the slices the whole head and beard was dyed with a level 2 and 10 vol. The slices were bleached with 30 volume enlightener and then four formulas were used to create the red to yellow color meld. 10g 0n, 10g Red purpigment, 10 ml of 5 vol. : 10g 0n, 2g Red purpigment, 10 ml of 5 vol. : 10g 0n, 10g Orange purpigment, 10 ml of 5 vol. : 10g 0n, 10g Yellow purpigment, 10 ml of 5 vol.

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