Jennifer Lawrence

Hey there! Thank you for visiting my page! I am a 24 year old cosmetology student at Regency Beauty Institute of Merrillville, Indiana. I have always had a passion for the beauty culture industry, but life took its course, I tested the waters at other universities, and my path led me to where I wanted to be all along; behind the chair. I love what I do, and am absorbing all of the knowledge, skills, and creativity around me on a daily basis. That’s what is so great about this industry, in my opinion. There is always something to learn or a new trend! I hope that my passion and drive for cosmetology shows through my work and that you enjoy what you see! Thanks for your vote! You Rock!

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What went into creating the look:

The inspiration for my mannequin was a classic rockabilly/pinup style with a fun little twist. First, My mannequin was at a level 2 very dark brown. In order to get the vibrant red that I chose, I decolorized and lifted her to a level 8 with a blue toned bleach and 20 volume developer and let process for 45 minutes. I washed and dried her hair in order to proceed to the next step. Next, I made the red color by mixing a Red and a Magenta color together in equal ratios with a 30 developer and let process for 35 minutes. I rinsed her hair in cold water and used a moisturizing shampoo to help make her hair more manageable and soft to the touch. I then dried her out straight. I then gave her a blunt cut to trim any frayed ends and gave her a classic Bettie Bang. Once I cut her, I was able to strategically place where I wanted the Level 1N Black color to be. I mixed the level 1N with 10 developer and let develop for 15 minutes and rinsed, washed, and conditioned with cold water. I added product to her hair to make it easier to style. I used a taming lotion and a little gloss before I blow dried her hair straight. To achieve the victory rolls, I french-laced the hair slightly in the back and pulled the sides back with a medium hold spray and shine to reduce flyaways. I then used a marcell to roll her hair into barrel curls and held them in place as they cooled. I pinned them up with both hidden bobby and hair pins. I did this to both sides. I left a piece of hair down the middle to be able to create the bow effect. I spritzed with medium hold spray and shine spray and used a flat iron to sweep it all together and brought it up and pinned it to make it resemble a bow. I then curled the two tendrils of hair to create the ribbon of the bow with my flat iron technique. Next, I curled the fringe under to give it that traditional Bettie Page bang look. Finally, I added classic pin curls to the bottom to give some shape and appeal toward the nape of the head. I used my marcel, and curled them and pinned them into place with bobby pins. I finished with an all over spray shine and medium hold. VIVA LA' 1950!

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