Emily Paterson

My name is Emily and I attend eZone Academy at Renaissance Salon in St. Catharines!

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What went into creating the look:

My mannequin is cut in an asymmetrical modified bob with a light blonde base and blue and red highlighting peekaboo's. Prisms were used in the colouring process to create subtle emphasis on the contrasting sides. This look is combination of offbeat cutting lines as well as colours. The red and blue symbolize opposites in most natural situations such as fire and water. I used these colours to create a rare combination that draw maximum attention to the short and long lines of the cut. A bob technique was used to form the basis of the style with added graduation to emphasize the dramatic lines. An extreme angle was cut to one side and a curve to the other. Overall, this style was created to depict a dramatic marriage between cut and colour using dueling elemental ideas.

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