Chicana Davis

I am a loving, caring, respectful, humble, creative, coachable, teachable future professional that was born and raised in South Carolina. About seven months after I graduated High School I joined the united states Army in which I served 9 years. I decided to pursue a career in something that I loved doing which happened to be hair. I started Paul Mitchell the School Honolulu in November 2014. After I enrolled I realized how big of an impact that the beauty industry had on me because I grew up around and I always had my hands in hair. I remember doing hair in class and at basketball games, for seniors pictures, just because; I also did hair throughout my military career. It was something that relaxed me and I loved to see the difference that it made on the inside of a person. To be part of the final 6 would mean to me that if I really want something and I commit to it no matter what I will succeed and it would mean the world to me that I was able to get out of my comfort zone and listen to my instants. I would be one of the happiest people in the world and I would be inspired to share my story to help motivate others just like me.

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What went into creating the look:

I sectioned the doll into two sections. In the top section I braided a Fish Tail braid that transitioned into a rope braid. I pulled on some strands of the fish tail so it would look a little organic. Then I created a pony tail with the rest of the hair using some strands of hair to secure it in place and I roped braided it and pinned it up to create design displayed.

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