Barb Samways

My name is Barb Samways. I am currently enrolled at Renaissance Salon/Ezone Academy in St. Catharines, Ontario. I am a single mother of 3 kids who I have been putting through post secondary education for some time now, and despite financial difficulties and risks going back to school, and with the encouragement and support of my kids, I enrolled in January to pursue my desire to become a professional hairstylist. I LOVE hair, love colouring and cutting, and am happy and hopeful looking forward to my new career despite a late in life start.

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What went into creating the look:

I decided to do a curly style as I find that textured curly hair is under-represented in contests and magazines, and with my own preference for my naturally curly hair I wanted to make this my focus for my entry. I found one of my mannequins had quite wavy/curly hair so I used this for a starting point, and enhanced the curls with some subtle layering and the use of styling wand. Once I decided on the styling and cut, I coloured the hair with a 6B brown for a base colour. Then I made a horseshoe section and clipped that out of the way, and bleached rectangular sections around the curve of the head with sections of natural brown in between. I used 20 volume and powder, repeated twice to give a nice even lightening to a level 8/9. I then divided each lightened section into two halves and coloured with alternating blue and merlot, with natural 6 level brown in between. I further styled by lifting and pulling the front hair back a bit, lifting the hair slightly to expose more of the colours beneath. I find the dark rich colours combined with the curly texture a refreshing change. I did have some trouble getting the colours to come out true with the camera but these are very close.

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