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My gift has always been to relate to other people; to find that common connection; to make a person feel at ease when they are with me. My communications degree and subsequent background in customer relations has not fulfilled my creative yearnings.

About two years ago, as my father’s health continued to decline, I was faced with the question of “what is my quality of life?” (as we often ask of cancer and terminally ill patients in our society.) I concluded a profound unhappiness in not following my dreams, my aspirations and pure obsession with the beauty industry.

As the tale goes, I too have been the go to girl for family and friends for years when they wanted their hair done and when they needed beauty advice. I decided not to follow my dreams, and choose the “safe” bet and went off to college; although I am proud of my degree, there was always something missing for me. Cliché as it is, life is too short to spend it on the “what ifs,” to live a day of it unhappy- to not follow your passions.

In the year or so I’ve spent behind the chair, and the five years prior to this spent speaking with, consoling and advocating for sick patients and their loved ones I have learned one absolute truth- as a whole taking time out for oneself is unheard of, and at times even looked down upon. Whether you are a caregiver, the head of your household, or climbing the proverbial corporate latter at your chosen profession, your time is most certainly spent on everyone else besides yourself.

The beauty industry is much more than a person’s looks for me; it’s about how you make them feel. I am almost always met with “taking care of my family” when I ask my guest what they do in their spare time or what hobbies they enjoy (which is followed up with me being told there are not enough hours in the day for anything else besides the aforementioned.)

I love making a person feel and look their best; my goal is always with your beauty in mind. I can’t change your schedule, but I can make the most out of the time we spend together with you in my chair.

To put it simply- I am driven, I am passionate, and I love making people feel great. This opportunity would mean the world to me.

Creatively Yours,

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What went into creating the look:

My Crown "Jewel" Color: My hair started at a level 5N. I needed to lighten the whole head to make my jewel tones pop. I used enlightener with 30vol to lift the head to a 8N. Next, I made a pinwheel parting at the top of the head. Alternating sections, I used a purple pure pigment tone and then a mix of blue and green pure pigments together. To compliment my jewel tones I decided on gray for the remainder of the hair. I used a violet/blue toner and watched it turn my yellow blonde hair to the medium gray I was going for. Style: I wanted a soft, romantic look to go with my vivid jewel toned hair. I parted my head off in a head band parting (to save for last) and worked on curling the remainder of the head with a 1in wand. I took small sectioned and starting pinning each one up.In the back I also worked in small braids and pinned those up in the same manner. I took the front right section and twisted it back, pinning it at the nape of the neck, and left the other side loose.

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